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HearTribe in Kabak, Turkey

Updated: Apr 17, 2019


HearTribe: A Co-working, Co-living, Co-creating Conscious Temporary Community that came to life in Tulum, Mexico in January 2019

HEARTribe came to life just before the New Year, 29 December 2018, in the Mayan jungle and engendered (still does) a high-vibration environment of learning, love, and support among and for its participants over the course of four weeks with a program that covered four different themes: RITUAL, MIND, BODY & BEYOND.

Hosted at the Chemuyil Club Y Villas, about 20 minutes north of Tulum, Mexico, this intimate gathering of 40-50 people each week featured a conscious paradigm of co-working, co-living, and co-creating.

Intended as an organic way to grow body, mind, and spirit, participants enjoyed intentional guided meditations, cacao ceremonies, workshops and talks, musical showcases, and discovered the local Mayan community. Participants were also encouraged to offer their own workshops to share their talents and knowledge with the rest of the community.

HEARTribe in Kabak, second edition

In June we are heading to Kabak, Turkey where we will once again gather to learn, connect, innovate and celebrate. The structure of this gathering is split into 2 parts:


As William Arthur Word said once:  “If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

An intimate group of about 40 HearTribers - magic makers & dream believers connected by the desire of having a positive impact in the world.

You will spend 5 days together following your curiosity into learning new skills that will help towards the fruition of  the   "DREAM PROJECTS" explained in the application by all co-tribers. Most of the times the hardest part is starting out.  During IMAGINATION, we will form brainstorm groups that will help you set the foot in the right direction. Figuring the "why?" , "what?", working on your project’s identity, understanding your audience or adding a touch of magic to your dreams - it will all be possible by connecting the right people in an inspiring environment.

Apart from Co-Creating DREAMS, we are hosting daily workshops for deepening practices that involve topics related to RITUAL, MIND, BODY or BEYOND (e.g. Find Your Hidden Passion; Intuitive Painting; Kundalini meditation and more to be announced)

On the last days, we are Co-Creating the CELEBRATION,  together we become the host for the extended community and learn the ins and outs of building an experience.


8.06 ............♥Arrival / The Grand Opening of a New Beginning

9-10.06.......♥Co-Learn new skills ( to be used for Dream Projects)

10-12.06.....♥Co-Work and brainstorm on the "DREAM PROJECTS"  / Co-Create the CELEBRATION

CELEBRATION (12-17 June)

After learning and imagining and co-creating, as CO-TRIBERS we will open the doors to our extended community for our usual unforgettable CELEBRATION. We are still staying true to our intimate way of gathering and capping the numbers at 100 heartribers.

The focus during these days is on teaching each-other through various workshops lead by attendees, a PIRATE SHIP sunset cruise in the bay of Oludeniz and an INFINITY DANCE CELEBRATION.

P͟R͟O͟G͟R͟A͟M͟: 12.06 ♥ Arrival / Opening ceremony 13.06 ♥ Workshop sessions / performance 14.06 ♥ Workshop for all / Sunset Pirate Ship Cruise Celebration 15.06 ♥ Ecstatic Dance / Main Celebration 16.06 ♥ Restorative activities / Easy Hike / Closing Ceremony/ performance 17.06 ♥ Farewell .....UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN


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