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Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Project Heart was born right in the beginning of the shift of ages and consciousness,

according to the MAYAN prophecies, in Tulum Mexico.

True to its "Project" name, since its foundation in 2013, this has been an evolving community without borders, beyond borders with members and events all over the world. Project Heart engenders high-vibration environments of learning, love, and support among and for the members of our community, our HEARTRIBE.

"SiX SENSES In THE JUNGLE" and "SIX SENSES on the COAST" week-long gatherings in Tulum and Turkey, plus several smaller events throughout the world were pillars of cementing relationships,

opportunities for our globally-minded nomad-esque community members to convene and cultivate the positive, heart-based energies, cosmic heart connections, and playfulness that our community holds dear.

Project Heart is an organizational template for how we interact in the world. We value acceptance, non-judgement, unconditional love, and freedom. It’s a semi-structured canvas upon which our community members contribute their talents and ideas.


One day events:

Heart Decompression 2015, Brooklyn NY

Heart Decompression 2016, Chemuyil Mexico

Heart Decompression 2016, Berlin Germany

Heart Decompression Ritual 2017, Brooklyn NY

Nomad Heart Decompression 2018, Brooklyn NY - Dinner & dance show with Live Band & DJs

Inca Heart 2018, Brooklyn NY - Dinner & dance, Live band & DJs / Fundraiser for mudslides across Peru

I, HEART 2018, Brooklyn NY


Six Senses in the Jungle 2017, Chemuyil Mexico

Six Senses on the Coast 2017, Kabak Turkey

Six Senses in the Jungle 2018, Chemuyil Mexico

Six Senses on the coast 2018, Kabak Turkey

HearTribe 2019, Chemuyil Mexico


At all gatherings and events, Project Heart creates a safe space where Hearts can practice being their best selves without fear of being judged, separated, or isolated. In the spaces Project Heart creates, members are asked to share, to listen, and to participate in creating, too, the content and vibe of the gathering or event. We open portals of knowledge and understanding where even small talk turns into valuable life lessons. These portals are only opened when our Hearts are truthful and honest, and they can be so in the secure and free of judgement space which is Project Heart.

Together, particularly at our annual gatherings, we create a private sanctuary during which we explore each other’s souls through workshops, music and dance, art, and participation. Together, we are an orchestral community that each Heart takes from and contributes to. Together, we create pure, accessible moments of joy.

The symbol of our community, the little red felt heart stickers that are distributed around the world and sealed with a kiss are more than ornamentation but an exchanging of energy and an acknowledgement that we are on the same wavelength.


Project Heart is an alternative living paradise, with music at its core. Music is the soundtrack that helps align and synchronize our higher enhances the energy that we build when we are together.

We made it our mission to create a platform to showcase INCREDIBLY TALENTED ACTS. Some with a reputation that precedes them, and others who haven't received their deserved recognition...just yet.

Who better to showcase this talent than a bunch of music & heart loving people looking for something different.

While our gatherings around the world are small and intimate, our HeARTISTS are taking over the mission of being our HEART AMBASSADORS and spreading the love, light & magic, touching the heart of their audience, from the microcosmos into the macro ❤

Collaborator: Mike Maturo

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