17 JAN-15 FEB 2021


A collaboration between

Project Heart + Oasa

Let's explore our dreams together, grow together and build together.

This is a 4 weeks accelerator program with a focus on DREAMS, IMPACT and ENTREPRENEURSHIP


We designed the program to leave you with space to breathe and explore, while giving you deeply transformative content that will stay with you forever.

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Dream Ritual

We will immerse ourselves in dreams, seeded deep in the Yucatan jungle amongst the mayan pyramids.

We will search for our common vision and seed the wind of change.


You will explore yourself, discover pieces of yourself you didn't know and compose a new puzzle.

You will dive into your purpose and find your flow.


We will create something tangible.

We will transform our visions into a shared reality that we adhere to and that can empower change in the world.

We will hold each other accountable for our dreams.

Play & Wellness

Rejuvenate your body with yoga, temascal sessions, ecstatic dance.

Unleash your inner animal.

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